COVID 19: New Directions for Learning and Development in Out-of-School Time: A Proposal that Integrates Sociopolitical Context with Innovative Program Designs

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As Co-Investigator, Dr. DiGiacomo will be responsible for leading the research efforts related to investigating the leading ideas and practices with the field of Out-of-School (OST) time and Youth Development research, policy, and practice. With other Co-Investigators, she will undertake a systematic landscape review of the literature related to this area, as well as engage in a series of interviewers with expert informants in the field of OST, including research experts, large private foundation and federal grants program officers, OST program leaders, youth workers and youth program participants. Her role also includes attending regular research meetings to maintain the strength of the cross-university collaboration, as well as serving as the Kentucky based liaison for an involved local youth voice organization, the Prichard Committee's Student Voice Team.
Effective start/end date9/18/204/15/21


  • University of Wisconsin: $21,709.00


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