Covid 19: Promoting Health Equity & COVID Immunizations in Underserved Populations Across Kentucky Using the Bingocize Platform

  • Mullis, Lindsey (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Scope of Work This project will work to implement the inclusive COVID-19 educational components of the Bingocize online program across the state of Kentucky. UK HDI will: Draw upon the strong and long-standing partnership with DDID to facilitate recruitment of Medicaid Waiver community-based organizations to participate in Bingocize COVID-19 programming. Lead recruitment and engagement for intergenerational opportunities for participation in the Bingocize online programming. Assist with the workshop trainings for organization staff to become trained facilitators of the online Bingocize program. Provide ongoing technical assistance to implementation sites to ensure opportunities for participation are equitable for all individuals and all audiences, particularly those with disabilities. Provide oversight and management of the ongoing advisory board and incorporating critical feedback
Effective start/end date7/7/224/30/23


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