Covid 19: Remotely Monitored, Mobile Health-Supported High Intensity Interval Training to Improve Functional Recovery of Survivors of Critical Illness (REMM-HIIT-COVID19)- Per Subject Reimbursement

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REMM HIIT University of Kentucky Scope of Work Dr. Kirby Mayer will be responsible for assisting in the design, implementation, performance, and management of the REmotely monitored, Mobile health supported Multidomain rehabilitation program with High Intensity Interval Training for COVID-19 (REMM-HIIT-COVID19) study. Dr. Mayer will attend regular video conferences with Drs. Wischmeyer, Pastva and the other investigators/study teams to facilitate conduct of the study across all enrolling sites, and he, or his delegate will participate in biweekly teleconferences of the Sustaining Participant Engagement Committee (SPEC). Dr. Mayer will participate in data analysis, interpretation of findings and manuscript production.
Effective start/end date7/10/238/31/26


  • Duke University: $8,390.00


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