Covid 19: Supplement- Area Health Education Centers Program COVID

  • Marin, Carlos (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


1. Comply with federal regulations as stated in the CARES Act 2. Utilizing distance learning platforms, promote the use of telehealth technologies to reduce the risk of Covid-19: • Collaborative project with UK TeleCare, the UK Central and regional AHEC offices to provide course(s) via distance learning format to expand education on the screening, testing, treatment tools and protocols for COVID-19 related health care. • Develop and implement training programs for students and clinicians currently involved in health profession training on providing telehealth-enabled COVID-19 referral for screening and testing, case management and outpatient care. • Facilitate the training of health professions students, clinicians/volunteer faculty who practice in our region’s rural and other underserved areas to address any state or federal laws and policies related to scope of practice, licensing and credentialing, and telehealth.
Effective start/end date5/1/204/30/21


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