Covid 19: UK NIEHS SRP Project #3 Supplement Relating to Extending Halo-organic Capture Remediation Technology to Corona Virus Membrane Mask and Enclosed Space Air Filter Development

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Through our NIEHS-SRP research we have advanced materials (membranes to adsorptive and recognition-based polymers) development for degradation and capture/sensing of toxic organics from water. Membranes and polymers-based technologies are also used in air filtration area to remove particles and aerosols. Learning from nanoparticles and virus to organic separations from water media, we propose to advance the aqueous treatment technology and science to create advanced mask and enclosed space air filtration platform to capture coronavirus particles in a transformative way. By expanding on our current specific aims, the overall goal will be to bring interaction-based capture and recognition with highly efficient airborne coronavirus removal with easy breathability and air filtration properties. The transfer of smart materials development knowledge from water remediation area to airborne virus removal area will bring in immense benefit to society and human health. Virus nanoparticles (micro aerosols) build-up in enclosed air space is critical factor in viral transmission. For the enclosed space air filter, unique regenerative mechanisms will be developed. This supplement will allow us to add virus capture/deactivation functionality so that our on-going halo-organic capture/destruction technology will also be effective against coronavirus (COVID-19) environmental pollutant. Our work will involve pseudotype virus particles, and we will also concentrate on the outer surface S-protein and functionalized, synthetic nanoparticles.
Effective start/end date4/7/971/31/22


  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


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