CPA-SEL-T:Collaborative Research:Traceability+:a Service Oriented Framework to Support Value-added software Traceability: REU Supplemental Request

  • Hayes, Jane (PI)

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Traceability plays an important rote in the development and assurance of software systems that permeate our society. It helps to assure that an as-built system correctly implements all requirements by supporting change impact assessment, re-engineering of applications, and other critical software engineering activities. Previously, researchers have focused on delivering point solutions that address specific traceability issues. In contrast, the proposed research will develop a new and powerful traceability model, named Traceability, that will deliver value-added traceability services designed to support diverse stakeholders as they perform critical software engineering activities. For example, an independent verification and validation (IV&V) analyst can use our value-enhanced traceability services to determine if the elements of a design satisFj the requirements, while the developer of an embedded pacemaker controller can determine the scope of a proposed change as well as the amount of effort required to implement the change. Traceability+ will support the needs of a broad spectrum of stakeholders including requirements analysts, reverse engineers, developers, architects, maintainers, and IV&V analysts.
Effective start/end date8/1/087/31/12


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