Creating the Online "Journal of Appalachia Health" with a Focus on the Social and Economic Determinants of Health and Health Equity in Appalachia

  • Scutchfield, F (PI)

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Problem Statement: Appalachia has consistently suffered from being considered "other" and has major health disparities as the result. These disparities arise from inequities and major problems with upstream determinants of health, including poverty, education, housing, jobs, and the impact of extractive industry on the health problems of Appalachia. This remains the case in spite of major efforts to improve conditions experienced by Appalachia people. There is no single place to obtain current research, knowledge, and wisdom regarding the health of Appalachia. The opportunity for exchange of new knowledge of Appalachia Health is a potential contributor to improved health for the region. Project: We propose to create the Journal of Appalachia Health. An open-access on-line, peer-reviewed journal, modeled after the MMWR, specifically about the health of Appalachia. It will have a major focus on disparities and upstream health determinants. This peer-reviewed journal, indexed in major sources such as PubMed, will provide evidenced-based assistance to those seeking solutions to the health problems of Appalachia. Strategy: Our overall strategy is to improve the health of the people of Appalachia. Our strategy addresses that with a journal that has two major components. The first is a rapid turnaround of new Appalachia health research, providing actionable research findings to those in the region who can and will use it in their work. The second is providing actionable information and knowledge in the various domains of health determinants that address the underlying health problems of Appalachia. We anticipate it being used by a broad variety of those who can make an impact on the health of the region. Risk and Challenges: There are three potential risks: financial sustainability, economic sustainability, and technologic sustainability. Each will be addressed to assure the continued publication of a communication tool to improve the health status of the region.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/22


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