Creation of a Regional State Highway Agency Working Group to Advance Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Practices-Phase VII

  • Hopwood, Theodore (PI)
  • Hancher, Donn (CoI)

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WORK PI-AN The work will be conducted in four tasks. Some related work in different tasks might overlap. However. the primary objectives of each task are different. Following is a discussion. of the work to be accomplished in those tasks. Task 1.Continue to Develop Internet-Based Electronic Communications Media for Use by Working Group Particjpants (a) Update the current Working Group web page. Continue to develop a link-based reference system that provides SHA officials and other interested parties with access to all web sites with information applicable to bridge maintenance and inspection. Also. use the web page to provide infonnation about Working Group activities (past meeting minutes, schedules for discussion group activities, arrangements and agendas of forthcoming Working Group Mcetings)- (b) Initiate an electronic discussion group among all current group participants. Devise a process where Working Group participants can independently in.itiate discussions and seek solutions to pressing problems. (c) Develop a biannual electronic newsletter to appear on the web site approximately 45 days prior to each biannual Working Group meeting. The newsletter will list current matters of interest to the group, meeting agendas and arrangements for forthcoming meetings. Task 2.Conduct Three Working Group Sessions (a) The Spring Meeting will be held in Kansas City. MO in.May 2003. (b) The Winter Meeting win be held in Nashville, TN in November or December 2003. (c) A Working Group meeting devoted to bridge painting will be held in Kansas City. MO in May 2003. Task 3.Seek Participant Input on Developing and Enriching Working Group Activities Solicit ideas for desired program development and enrichment from participants at the 2003 Working Group Spnng Meetin~ Possible initiatives for discussion include efforts to coordinate/cooperate on research/specifications/training, periodic meetings for special interest topics such as bridge maintenance painting, and routine participation by private firms with innovative products related to bridge maintenance and inspection. Task 4.Recnrit Additional Working Group ParticipantsJMembers Soltcit Working Group participation by other SHAs including those of Arkansas, Nebraska., Oklahoma. Pennsylvania. and West Virginia. Solicit participation by mwricipal and toll agencies including the cities of Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland. Indianapolis, MiJwaukee. the lllinois Toll Highway Authority and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority. Invitations will also be provided to FHWA representatives from the Washington, DC area offices. Send invitations to 5-10 engineering consultingfinns.
Effective start/end date5/1/039/30/07


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