Credit for Learning (CFL) Program - TRC/FY20

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The University of Kentucky Credit for Learning (CFL) program is designed to assist the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet) in meeting child safety, permanency and well-being outcomes, as well as Council on Accreditation standards, by enhancing employees’ professional expertise through social work education, and to enhance the educational experience of social work students interested in professional child welfare practice. The positions supported through CFL advise, mentor, and provide support to Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) employees as they pursue advanced education and professional development. Goal: The CFL program provides education to prepare the child welfare workforce for social work practice with vulnerable children and families. Objective 1: Develop child welfare education curricula UK CFL collaborates with the CHFS, Department for Community Based Services and the EKU University Training Consortium to identify and address professional development learning and informational needs of CFL participants. The CFL director and instructors participate in curricula development meetings to design new courses and revise existing courses as requested by the Cabinet and CFL partners. The CFL director and instructors also participate and contribute to the transition of existing Academy courses (face-to-face) to a hybrid model including online and face-to-face components. Objective 2: Implement courses offered through the CFL curriculum UK CFL collaborates with the Cabinet, the Eastern Kentucky University Training Consortium, the University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University to provide graduate education necessary to achieve competent performance in child welfare practice. The following courses and course objectives have been designed, developed, and implemented to meet the professional development needs of CFL participants and to provide the knowledge and skills to assist the workforce in meeting safety, permanency and well-being outcomes. In FY 19-20, up to 16 Protection & Permanency Academy courses (4 Academy cycles) will be offered. Three (3) Advanced Protection & Permanency Supervisory Seminar Series courses will be offered once during FY 19-20. The Collaborative Practice in Substance Abuse and Mental Health course will also be offered up to 2 times in FY 19 – 20. CFL instructors provide course preparation, course delivery (online and face-to-face), and assessment and grading. Please see the courses and objectives listed on pages 2 – 5.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • Eastern Kentucky University


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