CTI Academy Organizational Study: A State Transportation Agency

  • Kreis, Steven (PI)
  • Hartman, Donald (CoI)
  • Werkmeister, Raymond (CoI)

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Proiect Puroose: is to provide guidelines for developing or adjusting a state level transportation agency's organization to better accommodate their varied policy (including long-term planning and financing) and administrative (including professional project delivery) missions. The initial step will be the assessment of organizationally based policy and administrative issues associated with current structures. The issues will be analyzed to provide the criteria for modifications to organizational structures. The project team will classify state agency structure types based on the review of existing structures and their policy vs. administrative characteristics (including their planning and management systems). Additional 'model' structures will be investigated as they are described in organizational literature and appear in other functional areas of government, quasi-governmental entities, and the private sector. The guide will provide information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of several organizational scenarios in conjunction with selected values, criteria or functions to be optimized. An agency head and/or those responsible for executive branch long-term policy effectiveness and program administration efficiency could benefit from the study information. Those intending to restructure a state agency would have comparative performance information for alternative organizational scenarios and options to better judge the potential of modifications. Proiect Work Description: The major tasks of the project work are as follows: 1. Review the current structures being used by selected state transportation agencies and their organizationally based problems, challenges, and issues 2. Identify those that have been reorganized or modified most recently and the rationale for their changes 3. Determine recent structural arrangements or adjustments that may have been developed to optimize specific policy or administrative concerns of a state transportation agency (including any program planning and management systems or project development processes) 4. Identify and describe the prototypical structures found in the organizational and management literature that may relate to state transportation agencies 5. Identify structures that may have potential as found in other functional areas and/or levels of government as well as quasi-governmental agencies 6. Classify the various structures and determine their associated strengths and weaknesses based on criteria derived from an understanding of the problems, challenges and issues Duplicating/Printing Resource Materials 1,850 250 150 7. Prepare a guide to understanding state transportation agency organizational alternatives (or scenarios) and the process of organization planning and development for a state transportation agency as well as the ongoing supporting systems for program planning and management Proiect Schedule and Deliverables: The study will result in a published guide for use by those officials and professionals interested in improving a state transportation agency's policy effectiveness and administrative efficiency. It will include specific alternative organizational structures and their associated planning and management systems and project development processes with a discussion of their primary objectives and operational strengths and weaknesses.
Effective start/end date2/1/0412/31/05


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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