CTI Web-Based Training Development Task No. 31

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KTC has been developed and provided training to the transportation cabinet and consultants, most notably the context sensitive design workshop and traffic impact study requirements which were or are currently required by KYTC to meet prequalification requirements. One problem with these workshops is the fluctuation in participant demand, especially for those courses which are required. Declining demand makes it fiscally difficult to maintain the course. Therefore there is a need to implement new technologies and prepare a distance learning courses, or web-based course to meet these continuing needs. A web-based course has the ability to significantly reduce associated overhead costs, such as room, food and even instructor costs. A significant savings can also be experience by the user by removing travel time and costs. The purpose of this project is to investigate effective web-based training approaches including software and support, and develop a pilot training workshop to evaluate the new technologies.
Effective start/end date8/5/106/30/12


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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