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Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk professional development and technical assistance center 2022-2023 CYFAR PDTA Center Statement of Work for Sub-contracted Coaches Contracted Role and Time Commitment: Part-time coaches are contracted based on 1) the number of CYFAR Sustainable Community Projects (SCP) grantees assigned; 2) the funding years of those assigned CYFAR SCP grantees; and 3) the number of anticipated site visits/travel required. Hours for fiscal contractual year 2020- 2021 are as follows: • 25% for coaches assigned 3 or 5 sites* • 35% for coaches assigned 6 to 8 sites* (Ashurst – assigned 7 plus additional 5% included for travel that could not be included in 2020-2021 contract due to pandemic) • 45% for coaches assigned 9 to 12 sites* * Percentages will decrease if assigned sites include year five sites that require less time commitment. Timeline of Services: one year based on the availability of and start date of USDA-NIFA grant funding Responsibilities: • Participate in regular CYFAR PDTA Center Team meetings. • Participate in bi-annual in-person working meetings as coordinated by the CYFAR PDTA Center. • Establish relationships with the Principal Investigators (PIs), Project Directors/Coordinators, and other key staff at each of the assigned SCP grantees with the aim of supporting effective implementation. The overall goal of the CYFAR PDTA Center coaching model is to promote successful CYFAR programming and the demonstration of outcomes, as outlined in each of the grantee’s applications. • Maintain open lines of communication with assigned CYFAR SCP grantees through monthly phone/web conversations (bi-monthly for year five sites), regular email interaction, and other various forms of support. • Conduct two onsite visits over the 5-year grant cycle (Years 1 & 3) of each assigned CYFAR SCP grantee. • Enter notes into the CYFAR PDTA Center’s online reporting system following monthly calls and site visits with assigned CYFAR SCP grantees. All notes must be entered 48 hours prior to the scheduled monthly call with the Coordinator of the CYFAR Coaching Model for Sustainable Community Projects. The reports shall be succinct and highlight the sites’ promising practices and specific resources/support provided by the coach. These notes: document the fulfillment of coaching responsibilities; provide the CYFAR PDTA Center with the capacity to report on coaching activities to its funder; generate a collective knowledge base of site implementation practices; and serve as a mechanism for identifying resources that are provided and need to be created for CYFAR SCP grantees. • Disseminate resources and actively incorporate explanations of technical assistance tools into monthly coaching calls with CYFAR SCP grantees as instructed by CYFAR PDTA Center leadership including monthly newsletters, tools and information sheets (e.g., implementation quality, recruitment strategies, and sustainability planning). • Attend the annual Professional Development Event and assume responsibility for assigned presentations and the facilitation of CYFAR SCP site networking activities. • Participate in CYFAR PDTA Center webinars and networking calls with CYFAR SCP grantees. • Work on committees for special deliverables (e.g., the creation of new tools), the development and delivery of trainings, and manuscript development. Required Skill Proficiencies: • Detailed working knowledge of the CYFAR PDTA Center website and how to identify available resources • Ability to guide CYFAR SCP grantees in collecting and entering data and generating reports • Ability to use designated repositories to locate and disseminate CYFAR PDTA Center resources • Confidence in delivering presentations via PowerPoint to CYFAR SCP grantees • Knowledge of resources for guiding CYFAR SCP grantees in selecting and implementing programs with a commitment to evidence-informed practices (e.g., online continuum of evidence program search tools) • Ability to utilize online tools for professional development sessions (e.g., Adobe Connect) • Competency in guiding CYFAR SCP grantees in key tasks such as: setting goals from their logic models; implementing programming with quality; measuring and communicating outcomes; and planning for sustainability. Contact: Daniel F. Perkins, Ph.D. Co-Principal Investigator for the CYFAR PDTA Center 814-867-4182/814-865-6988 - This document was prepared by the Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk (CYFAR) Professional Development and Technical Assistance (PDTA) Center, who serves as a resource for CYFAR Sustainable Community Projects (SCP). The CYFAR PDTA Center has been developed in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture''s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) through a cooperative agreement with the University of Minnesota and the Pennsylvania State University under award number 2018-41520- 28908.
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  • The Pennsylvania State University: $92,894.00


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