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  • Kurzynske, Janet (PI)
  • Stivers, W (CoI)

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The purpose of this proposal is to expand the CYFERnet-Program component in collaboration with CYFERnet-Technology and CYFERnet- Evaluation. CYFERnet provides technological access to cutting edge research, programs, evaluation, and promising practices. An interdisciplinary ecological model is emphasized. Needs of the $tSt and NCP sites guide the process. The University of Kentucky will serve as the primary facilitator of program needs and information for these sites. The University of Kentucky will work in concert with the Technology and Evaluation lead states. as well as specific goals and objectives for each component, to achieve overall goals and objectives. The overall goals for CYFERnet is to provide an Internet-based network of program, technology, and evaluation resources and technical assistance to university and community programs for at-risk children, youth, and families organized around the five CYF AR program outcomes for Early Childhood, School Age, Teen, Parent/Family. and Community. The specific goal for CYFERnet-Program component is to provide web access to research-based, high quality resources, information, and professional development and training opportunities for CYF AR state and community programs for at-risk populations. These goals will be met through the following objectives set forth for CYFERnet-Program: Objective 2 - Provide program support to CYF AR State Strengthening and New Communities Projects. Through support of the editorial boards, CYFERnet - Program will be better able to meet our Objectives.
Effective start/end date3/15/043/14/09


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  • CYFERnet-Program

    Kurzynske, J. & Stivers, W.


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