DAIReXNET- eXtension National Web Resource

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Proposed actrivities are to: continue to market and promote DAIReXNET at regional and national dairy events, expand on current parternships and seek to forn new partnerships with appropriate organizations, review and update reference materials, identify missing materials, fillin gaps, and continue content appraisal, solicit feedback from users of DAIReXNET through our Facebook page and webinar surveys, continue to host interactive webinars to provide dairy producers, extension educators, and allied industry associates with information on timely topics, maintain 'ask the expert' system, annual project team e-retreat to set and refine goals, rotation of leadership on established schedule, deliver agreed-upon materials for funded grant collaboration, continue to improve the ability for our materials to be more prominent on google searches, and continue to identify the informational needs of the dairy industry and educate consumers on the dairy industry.
Effective start/end date1/1/1212/31/13


  • University of Nebraska: $12,500.00


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