"Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives" Diversifying Income and Adding Value by Manufacturing Dairy Products-Phase 2

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Project leaders in Kentucky will develop and assist in the delivery of a MarketReady Dairy component in the Dairy Business Innovation Proposal. The “original” MarketReady Producer Training has an excellent reputation and has helped producers in several states learn how to meet requirements and needs to be able to access restaurant, school, grocery and other wholesale markets. Topics include communication and relationship building, packaging and labeling, pricing, supply, delivery, storage, invoicing, insurance, quality assurance, working cooperatively, marketing, etc. MarketReady Dairy would address needs specific to value-added dairy products including both food and cosmetic products made from cattle, sheep and goat milk. Major Activities: 1. Adapt and build MR curriculum for dairy products to include food and cosmetic value-added dairy products from cattle, sheep and goats a. Dairy product buyer interviews to validate best vendor practices – 10-12 grocery, foodservice, restaurant buyers b. Collaboration on product development and distribution best practices with UK FSIC and selected distributors c. State branding and product support programs from Depts of Ag and other state agencies d. State processors as partners 2. Train-the-trainer session for KY folks, TN folks (Megan and Jared) – (Tim is open to inviting others to participate – the cost for their time, travel, etc. would need to be considered in other parts of the budget 3. Blended in-person and on-line modules for producers 4. Offer 3-5 trainings in TN/KY each year (years 2/3) 5. Part-time Extension Associate dedicated to value-added dairy products, training resources development, training assistance 6. Monthly “Virtual Office Hours” MR-FSIC around dairy product development and marketing issues – 2 hour call-in show for producers with invited guests on special market development topics 7. Integrate MR dairy producers into an annual Meet the Buyer functions + KY Proud/Pick TN programs (Years 2/3) 8. Develop a Dairy Forum on the MR page a. Develop a closed FB page for dairy products marketing b. Advanced topics webinars targeted to dairy products marketing 9. Evaluate the program
Effective start/end date9/30/209/29/24


  • University of Tennessee: $111,990.00


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