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Our goal is to work collaboratively with local, state, and national entities to improve educational results and functional outcomes for children and youth who are deaf-blind by delivering training and technical assistance. Activities have been designed with an emphasis on enhancing service provider and systems outcomes to better address the unique, individualized needs of persons who are deaf-blind. OBJECTIVES INCLUDE: 1. CHILD FIND: Partner with IDEA Part C, the medical community, local and state agencies to identify individuals who are deaf-blind, targeting ages birth to 3 and underserved populations. 2. THREE TIERED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: General/Universal TA including access to the project’s website, dissemination of materials at state/national conferences and access to staff via e-mail, telephone/social media. Targeted/Specific TA including: a) trainings designed to assure positive transitions for young children using a person-centered approach b) support to students in accessing the general education curriculum through the KY Core Academic Standards c) collaboration with the UK personnel prep program in vision with one week assessment of students on deaf-blind census specific to expanded Core Curriculum d) collaboration with the Louisiana Deaf-Blind Project in supporting students to be college and career ready using customized employment. Intensive/Sustained TA including: a) working with individual students, families and service providers for transfer of learning after training: development/implementation of intervention plans, ongoing progress monitoring of transition planning and common core standards. 3. FAMILIES: Targeted TA will occur in tandem with IDEA Part C, IDEA Part B and state PTI to provide training to families in Part C relevant to our state’s IEP Guidance Document which facilitates a family’s understanding of the IEP process; joint monthly staff meetings with the state PTI project and cohosting of training events with our state’s PTI project. 4. SYSTEMS CHANGE: Collaborate with 1) National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB), the Human Development Institute at UK, the Mid-South Regional Resource Center and Kentucky’s Community and Technical College (KCTC) system to develop an infrastructure for delivering coursework specific to intervener competencies via the community college system and 2) the Louisiana Deaf-Blind Project at Louisiana State University in designing and implementing a university based model preschool classroom.
Effective start/end date11/1/139/30/14


  • KY Department of Education: $246,483.00


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