DEM: Girls in Science

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The University of Kentucky will to establish a demonstration project called the Girls in Science Program (GIS), to encourage young women from rural southeastern Appalachian Kentucky to pursue careers in science, math, engineering and technology (SMET). This three- year project, to begin in September 2002, targets 120 girls entering the seventh-grade from 21 rural Kentucky Appalachian counties, parents of these girls, and a minimum of 30 rural Kentucky Appalachian middle school teachers from these 21 county school districts. This project targets a select group of middle school girls with a program that involves: 1) Weeklong Summer Institutes for each girl at the University of Kentucky campus for two years, 2) Saturday/After-school sessions throughout two academic school years, and 3) Mentoring relationships with University scientists and community mentors. The project also the project targets middle school math and science teachers through professional development courses focused on engaging each girl in science and math for two years. This project will include parental involvement with a series of workshops. The project team will also develop and disseminate a model middle school curriculum manual focused on institutionalizing the program in rural Appalachian Kentucky. Girls and teachers who enroll in the program will be the primary beneficiaries; however, the program is designed to have a broad-based impact on other students, teachers, relatives, and ultimately rural Kentucky and Appalachia.
Effective start/end date9/1/022/29/08


  • National Science Foundation: $899,085.00


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