Demonstrate and Evaluate the Use of DSRC Technology (& Assess the Potential Use of Cell Phone Technology) for Travel Time Monitoring and Incident Detection on Kentucky's Interstate Highways 09-383

  • Crabtree, Joseph (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: The objective of this project is to implement the recommendations in the Urnversity of Kentucky's 2004 study on this topic, thus preparing Kentucky for a possible large-scale, operational deployment. This study will provide additional analysis of the simulation data to further assess (and optimize) the performance of the incident detection algorithm. In addition, a limited number of DSRC readers will be installed on a segment of Interstate highway in Kentucky. Data will be collected ITom these readers and will be processed to validate the simulation results. Recommendations will be developed regarding a large-scale operational deployment. In addition, this study will include an assessment of the current state of research into using mobile phones for traffic monitoring and incident detection. Recommendations will be developed regarding further research and/or testing.
Effective start/end date7/1/086/30/09


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