Demonstrate and Evaluate the Use of DSRC Technology & Assess the Potential Use of Cell Phone Technology for Travel Time Monitoring and Incident Detection on Kentucky's Interstate Highways KYSPR 09-383

  • Hunsucker, David (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: The objective of this project is to implement the recommendations in the 2004 study on this topic, thus preparing Kentucky for a possible large-scale, operational deployment. This study wi ll provide additional analysis of the simulation data to further assess (and optimize) the perfonnance of the incident detection algoritlun. In addition , a limited number of DSRC readers will be install ed on a segment of Interstate highway in Kentucky. Data will be collected from these readers and will be processed to val idate the simulation results. Recommendations will be developed regarding a large-scale operational deployment. Ul addition, this study will include an assessment of the current state of research into using mobile phones for traffic monitoring and incident detection.
Effective start/end date7/1/106/30/11


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