Demonstration of a Performance-Based Systems of Storm Water and Erosion Controls in GA

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This BMP demonstration project seeks to demonstrate that the methods and technologies developed by the State Erosion and Sedimentation Control Technical Study (Dirt 2) Committee and its contractors can be successfully implemented on smaller scale construction sites throughout Georgia. The Dirt 2 approach shows how erosion control design for construction sites can be based on the predicted water quality output from a system of structural and management practices implemented in a cost-effective manner. Although this approach has been demonstrated successfully on a large school site, extension and demonstration of the Dirt 2 methodologies to smaller residential and commercial sites is needed for widespread acceptance. The result will be qqantifiable improvements in receiving water quality in Georgia streams that are currently being impaired by sediment in the runoff from construction sites.
Effective start/end date5/1/0410/31/07


  • Chattahoochee Flint Regional Dev. Center: $27,886.00


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