Demonstration Of An Intrinsically Safe Drone Propulsion System For Underground Coal Mining Applications

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Abstract The proposed project is designed in three phases, led by the PIs collaboratively. In phase one, a comprehensive investigation of the operational properties of various lithium-ion chemistries will be conducted. An optimum battery assembly with a breathable intrinsically protective enclosure will be designed and fabricated. Battery enclosure will enable efficient battery assembly while preventing any spark or flammable material from being released into the environment. The feasibility of the intrinsic safety and permissibility of the electrical components (i.e., motors, circuits, and connections) will be investigated. A comprehensive study on propeller design, spark, and static charges will be conducted. A preliminary drone sizing methodology will be developed to evaluate the size, weight, and other characteristics of such an intrinsically safe propulsion system. In the end, the design specifications will be submitted to MSHA Approval and Certification Center for validation and approval. Upon success, in the second phase, the validated design specifications will be used to fabricate the propulsion system. Experimental and numerical analyses, including electrical, heat, spark, battery safety, and propeller safety will be conducted to evaluate the intrinsic safety of the fabricated system. Samples of the propulsion system and designed parts along with a report of intrinsic safety measurements will be submitted to MSHA Approval and Certification Center for review and approval. Upon approval, in the third phase of the project, a final prototype propulsion system will be fabricated. The aerodynamic and stability analyses will be performed computationally and experimentally in order to investigate the specifications of the drone platform. A series of experimental studies will be conducted to evaluate the performance of the system, including endurance, flight range, durability, and payload. The final product and the proof-of-concept demonstration will be provided to MSHA Approval and Certification Center for perspective on its performance. Budget Justification Page 1 of 1
Effective start/end date9/1/236/30/24


  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology: $27,590.00


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