Department of Corrections Health Care Network Monitor & Coordinator - Bimonthly / Administrative

  • Birdwhistell, Mark (PI)
  • Gates, Madison (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


To provide medical and dental services to a given population determined by the judicial system; The University of Kentucky agrees to: Provide a Network Monitor who will function as liaison between the Kentucky Department of Corrections and the Network Coordinator. The Monitor and DOC will implement network and program initiatives designed to strengthen network performance and medical services delivery in areas including but not limited to quality of care, cost-savings and Iservice coordination. The Monitor will provide the following services; , a. Contract with Network Coordinator (selected through UK bid process) b. Submit monthly payment requests to DOC (information for requests provided by Network Coordinator) c. Pay Network Coordinator d. Review monthly reports submitted by Network Coordinator e. Submit monthly reports to DOC after review f. Provide account audits to Network Coordinator reports g. Establish processes and guidelines for conducting research projects with Network data and submitting grant proposals to external funding agencies
Effective start/end date7/1/106/30/12


  • KY Department of Corrections


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