Design of Adaptable Dynamic Wireless Network Architectures Using Intelligent Agents

  • Singhal, Mukesh (PI)

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This project deals with the design of highly mobile wireless systems where not only end-users are mobile, but also the base stations that serve these end-users are mobile. The mobility of base stations introduces several challenging problems in the design and development of such systems. In this project, highly mobile wireless architectures with capability for intelligent survivability and adaptive connectivity in an unpredictable environments will be researched. Contributions will be made to the foundation of intelligent highly mobile wireless network and computing systems design, including network architecture, digital information storage, intelligent distributed adaptive reconfiguration, network routing, location management, channel allocation, and information security. Intelligent agents capable of taking autonomous decisions under uncertainty and approximate knowledge, capable of adapting to changing operating conditions (low bandwidth, changing topology and connectivity, and node failures and mobility, etc.) will be researched. An architecture and a set of relevant protocols will be designed and tested on a simulation testbed. An extensive performance evaluation and prediction will be conducted to evaluate, predict, and optimize the performance of the developed architectures, protocols, and algorithms.
Effective start/end date10/1/013/31/04


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