Determining the Economic Value of Poultry Litter for Kentucky Corn Producers

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As the poultry industry continues to expand across Kentucky, so does the supply of poultry litter. Poultry litter provides Kentucky corn producers with an economically viable alternative to commercial fertilizer. To continue the integrated approach to poultry litter use, this research utilizes previous and ongoing work conducted across the state to determine the economic value of poultry litter. A robust spreadsheet tool will be developed for corn producers in Kentucky that is user friendly and customizable for each individual producer. To underpin the tool, a meta-analysis will be conducted on previous research to determine the nutrient availability from poultry litter for various management strategies. Underpinning the model with the results from the meta-analysis and poultry litter samples collected across the state is a novel approach which will be powerful and the results creditable. The ability of the model to adjust to fertilizer market conditions and individual soil nutrient requirements makes the model customizable for each individual user's unique situation. Outputs from the tool will include an estimated $/ton value for litter given the inputs and current management strategy of the user. In addition, the user can adjust litter management practices to determine the gain/loss in $/ton value for litter. The economic risk associated with nutrient content of poultry litter (if unknown) will also be reported. Finally, the maximum distance to haul poultry litter will be reported. Statewide extension programing on the tool and management strategies to extract maximum value and reduce risk associated with poultry litter will be conducted. Furthermore, an invited farmer panel will be conducted to discuss poultry litter best management practices across Kentucky as well as experiences and lessons learned from farmers under strict guidelines, such as those applying litter in the Chesapeake Bay region.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/17


  • Kentucky Corn Growers Association: $18,469.00


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