Developing a comprehensive management program for foliar diseases of soybean (Phase II)

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Dr. Bradley will conduct research at the University of Kentucky to work on the following project objectives: • Develop cost-effective and sustainable management options for major foliar diseases of soybean • Gaining a better understanding of the epidemiology and biology of foliar diseases, which will be used to optimize disease management strategies, identify disease-resistant varieties, assist in the development of resistant germplasm, and refine management recommendations based on results generated from this research • Provide immediate-term benefits and long-term solutions to soybean growers with the ultimate goal of devising management practices that will minimize the risk of soybean foliar pathogens and reduce losses caused by them. Dr. Bradley will work the overall PI (Dr. Ahmad Fakhoury, Southern Illinois University) in following established research protocols and by providing data and reports when requested.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/15/16


  • Southern Illinois University: $47,036.00


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