Developing a Virtual ALS Center at a Remote Site Incorporating Regional Resources and Telemedicine Links

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ALS Care is best provided in a multidisciplinary clinic setting, attendance at which has been shown to extend survival. This is considered "standard of care" by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Practice Parameter. Nevertheless, this is difficult to achieve in reality if a patient lives at some distance from a major ALS center. Approaches have included travel by the ALS neurologist to a distant site for a clinic or interacting with a patient using telemedicine. A major limitation is the lack of a multidisciplinary team at the remote site with ALS expertise and knowledge of community resources. We propose to develop a local multidisciplinary team at a remote site and establish a consulting relationship by conducting "team check out" via a telemedicine link. This approach has a certain face validity inasmuch as it will develop local expertise in ALS. We propose to test the effectiveness of this approach by measuring adherence with the AAN Practice Parameter and develop metrics to ascertain the fiscal constraints and barriers to this approach. If successful and sustainable, it is anticipated that the "Virtual ALS Center" could become a clinical research venue for clinical drug trials in the future.
Effective start/end date1/1/1310/31/15


  • ALS Association: $200,000.00


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