Developing and Assessing Communicative Competence in the World Language Classroom

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In response to the critical necd to build Cilpacity Il1teaching ,md learning World Languages the 1'ed.::ral govellll1lent recently annf1unced the Nati,)I1al Security Language Initiative - NSLI (5 January 20C!6). In the Commonwealth of Kentucky. the Department of Education has identified World Languages as a critical needs area in which a shortage of' certified teachers exists. If Kentucky is to prepare its students for success i!l the glob.a) economy of 1hc 21 Sl century. it is essential that we build our capacity for \\1 orld Languagc teachel's. World Languages are not only' severely under-represented and under-staffed. there is also no systematic standardil.ed testing required for World Language students at the state level to provide critical ll1!t)]'lnation on student gains. tcacher pcrformant;e. and program outcomcs. This proposal addresses these needs with a program that includes intensive, in-depth training and standards-bas~d. experientiaJ preparation to giv~ our teachers new knowledge, teachingilearning str~1\egics and tcchnlques to revitalize their classrooms and increase th~ir students language competence, We intcnd to den:lop a train-the-trainer mockl to ensure sustain21bility of our program and provide maxImum outrc\ch to under-represented and under-served schools alld districts across the state. The program includl's: • a scries of preparatory workshops (pre-ulmp) .. • an nnmerSlon c~l1np expenence • continu()us cm-site (work-embedded) mentoring and guidance • participation in Kentucky World Lmgu9ge Festivals • participation in Kentucky World Language COIlference • echo workshops by grant participant teachers We will also train thcsc teachers in the theory and application of' nev,' assessment tools and the use of these tools as a powcrf'uJ meaIlS to analyze and evaluate the new instructional materials and techniques as th~y apply them IT\ their classrooms. The new STAMP and Lin,L'uaFolio assessment instruments will also help thcm gauge ~tudent gains resulting from the application of' these new instructional techniques, The constellation of program components described above will be anchored in a comprehensive SYS1CI11 of digital reS(\lll'Ces that will facilitCl\e coordtnation ofpn1t!r.1111 activities and net\vorking among program participants iit cdl stages of the project c.nd a\llevc\s of inlel-action and exchange. Conceived as a resourcc "of. by and for" the langua;ce tcachcrs of the state oCKcntucky. the World Lmguage Resource System (WoLRcS) will be designed Ztl'Ound the needs of'KentucKY's lani-'uage teachers CIne!students, conlain (1riginal tools and materials gen\:rated by these tCi1Chers and their students. and will be available lor all of them to use. Beyond the illhercnt value ofbring1l1g together this powerful set of tools into one comprehensive sy~,tem. the Vv'ol.ReS pnnides a vehicle ft)!' illustrating. reinforcing, disseminating, and sustaining the teaching and assessment techniqul~; acquired through \he trainin!l program established by this grant. !\ pn)]ect of this scope would not be possible without th: e\ose collaboration of many partners. lInts, the College of Arts and SCiences?t the Univcrsity of' Kentucky. as the sponsoring institution, has sought out partners at multinle academic and administrative 1c\'c\s in a range of inst itutions and organi;.atio!1s. Cooper,'1 ing groups at the University of Kentucky include: Department of Modem & Classical Languages: Department of Hispanic Studies; Jv1aster of Arts in Teaching World Languages; Center for I ,anUU.y; College of Education. Our external partners are Georgetown College, Kentu:;k»vVorld La;1gwlgc As~o~iation (KWLA), K\VLA Festivals, and selected high needs school districts, 1\ is with this levc\ of i'1vcstment from institutions and individuals representing the L1l1gui\ge Icachmg profession that we will succcssfu!ly begin to bui!c\ ,;ap
Effective start/end date3/1/066/30/07


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $134,995.00


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