Developing Entrepreneurial Youth in Resource-Depleted Communities

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Kentucky has the most economically distressed counties and the highest poverty rate (25%) in the 12 state Appalachian region. Graduation rates, composite ACT, and Reading/Math comprehension are lower in Appalachia Counties than the state and national averages. As the region struggles with high poverty and unemployment, schools are adjusting to prepare graduates for entrepreneurial opportunities that reflect state’s legislative college and career readiness model. This project will develop an innovative agricultural business management curriculum for secondary classrooms within the Appalachian region designed to increase students’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy, interest in agri-business careers and postsecondary education, and proficiency in using social networking and media to create business marketing plans. The curriculum will focus on the use of marketing and business resources, including the practice of the most current media and a variety of social networking resources. Working with voluntary local business owners, students will reassess and update business marketing strategies, connect business resources, and test social marketing strategies. At the end of the course, students in each participating class will present business strategies to the business owner for implementation. This project will connect 180 students and 5 secondary teachers with 5 businesses in 5 different resource-depleted communities resulting in improved engaged teaching, applied student learning skills, improved school/community relationships, and sustained support for local business. Student interaction with local business will connect the classroom with new applications of knowledge and skill development, allowing participatory learning experiences that craft “contributing solutions” to improving the quality of education, while supporting community business sustainability.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/19


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $134,672.00


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