Developing Process-Microstructure-Property Correlation of Radiation-Tolerant Nanoporous and Nanostructured Materials for High Irradiation Environments

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Sub-Task 1.2: Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous materials: In this sub-task, we propose to improve a recently developed dealloying technique used to fabricate Nb nanoporous metals by using multilayer precursor alloys with tailored composition and thickness of individual layers to control the ligament thickness and pore size. These improvements will facilitate partial ordering of the ligaments and allow for control of their size and distribution. For both bulk and thin films nanoporous samples, ligament size will range from tens to hundreds nm depending on the chemistry and thermal treatments developed. This sub-task will be completed by Prof. Balk's group at the University of Kentucky. Sub-Task 2.2: Mechanical properties of radiation-tolerant materials: In this sub-task we will conduct both in-situ TEM and bulk mechanical testing (hardness/tensile tests) before and after irradiation and heat-treatment to demonstrate the role of interfaces on the structural stability of these materials.
Effective start/end date11/22/169/30/19


  • Sandia National Laboratory: $195,001.00


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