Developing Rural and Urban Undeserved G.P.R. Sites

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The geography of Kentucky hampers student and patient access to dental institutions. For this reason the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry has pioneered the use of distance learning methods in both traditional and innovative advanced general dentistry training. This grant is a 3-year training grant beginning in July 200 1. It supports maintaining a 71band adding a new 81bPGYI resident to an existing accredited GPR program. This project has 6 objectives: 1.To maintain the General Practice Resident Position (PGY 1) at the newly developed rural site in McKee, Kentucky. 2.To increase £fom 7 to 8 the number of General Practice Resident positions (PGY 1) available at the University of Kentucky by adding an urban resident. 3.To train residents in rural and urban, underserved areas in order that special services can be made available in these areas and residents will be more likely to locate there after completing training. 4.To train the general practice resident in the use of distance learning and telemedicine methods, so that he/she will be prepared to be educated in the 21st Century. 5.To evaluate the success of this site to provide data to the mother institution to ensure continuation of the expanded program past the grant period. 6.To train the general practice resident to a higher level of competence in the management of pediatric patients £fom underserved areas. The General Practice Residency Program has been in existence since 1979 with full accreditation status. This grant supports the maintenance of a 71bresident in a rural site in 2001-02 and adding a new Sibresident in an urban site. The first year of the development of the resident site at McKee, Kentucky was funded as a supplement to a 3-year grant, which expires in 7/01. The resident has been at McKee for 2 months. Funds for years 2 and 3 of the development are being requested in this grant. The urban resident will treat adult patients at Kentucky Clinic North in Lexington, Kentucky. A heavy emphasis will be placed on training the residents at both sites in the management of pediatric patients.
Effective start/end date7/1/986/30/05


  • Health Professions Bureau: $392,709.00


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