Development and Characterization of Densified Biomass-plastic Blend for Entrained Flow Gasification

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University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (UK CAER) proposes utilization of an existing DOE-funded 1 ton/day coal gasification unit and high pressure extruder operated on the UK CAER campus to develop a densified biomass-plastic fuel with a surface area less than 50 m2/m3 that is suitable for oxygen-blown entrained flow gasification with slurry feed. The developed fuel will be characterized and evaluated for heating value; grindability; slurryability; gasification kinetics; slag formation and behavior; and syngas composition. To meet this main objective, three approaches will be evaluated for effectiveness at lab-scale with (1) applying compact force via mechanical presser on selected torrefied biomass (bio-char) to crush the porosity by 50%, increase the density and block the micropore structures eliminating water capillary effect; and (2) spray coating a hydrophobic layer on pressed steam exploded pretreated pinewood to reduce water intake during the coal-biomass-plastic slurry production; and (3) co-extruding pretreated pine wood with plastic as binder and fluidizing agent to produce a compacted mixture with biomass coated by hydrophobic plastic. Upon a perforable production process being identified, approximately 400 lb. biomass-plastic fuel will be prepared for lab-scale grindability and slurryability study, and tested in the UK CAER opposed multi-burner, entrained flow gasifier for investigation on carbon conversion, fuel behavior, syngas composition and slag characterizations.
Effective start/end date8/1/211/31/24


  • Department of Energy: $500,000.00


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