Development of a Farmer-Friendly AgWeather Website for Kentucky

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We regard this proposal as the first step in developing a collaboration between the University of Kentucky and the KY Climate Center at Western Kentucky University that will lead to the development of a farmer-­?friendly AgWeather website. This website will combine and utilize real-­?time KY Mesonet data with agricultural decision support tools developed at UK. This will require a series of meetings involving information technology individuals, researchers and extension personnel from both institutions to discuss current capability and required resources. A subset of this group will comprise the KY AgWeather Steering Committee. Farmer involvement from the outset will ensure that the information is presented in the most useful way. Therefore we propose that the KSGGA nominate one of their board members to serve as a farmer representative on the Steering Committee.
Effective start/end date7/1/1312/31/17


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $13,000.00


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