Development of a Field Procedure to Evaluate the Reforestation Potential of Reclaimed Surface-Mined Land

  • Sweigard, Richard (PI)
  • Badaker, Viktor (CoI)

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Ongoing research has demonstrated the negative impact that soil compaction has on surface mine reforestation efforts. This research has also shown that a clear relationship exists between tree growth and measurable physical characteristics of the root growth medium. Unfortunately, these relationships have been developed on designed research plots using research equipment that is not suitable for typical reclaimed surface mine conditions. This proposal outlines the development of a field procedure for evaluating the reforestation potential of reclaimed surfacemined land using portable equipment that can be used under any field conditions. Successful development of this procedure will enable mine personnel and regulators to assess the capability of reclaimed land to support trees with much more certainty and to determine where additional compaction alleviation is needed.
Effective start/end date7/1/056/30/07


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