Development of a Generalized Parametric Database System for Management of Monitoring Data

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As demand is increasing for real-time monitoring of parameters and data generated by field operations, demand is also increasing for appropriate data management in many applications. Two examples are given below involving data generated by field operations: 1. Time-series data generated during CO2 sequestration in unconventional reservoirs (such as pressure, temperature, injection rates, tracer concentrations, etc.), data gathered during the monitoring phase or environmental assessment of CO2 sequestration such as data gathered at offset wells (e.g. CO2 concentration, tracer levels, etc.). In addition other types of data may become available during monitoring operations, such as INSAR data or data from buried or surface geophysics arrays. These are considered both time-series and also geo-coordinated data. 2. Time-series and geo-spatial data generated when tracking workers or operating equipment in underground mines. In such cases, the important parameter is the location of the tracked entity with respect to time. It is a time-series array with considerable location uncertainty for each data point. In modern underground mines tracking is implicitly related to the communications infrastructure available at each mine. 2. Development of a database management system A database management system will be developed to organize, present and analyze data collected by multiple sources as indicated above. The system will have the following characteristics " It will conform to a client/server application paradigm, thus multiple users may use it at any given time " It will support multiple projects (i.e. multiple locations, or multiple mines, or multiple mine sections depending on the areal break down) " It will be fully parametric (i.e. parameters will be user selectable) with respect to project definition, sensor/tag definition, data formatting, data grouping, etc.
Effective start/end date12/15/1412/14/15


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: $15,578.00


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