Development of a Novel Polysubstance Assessment Tool for Vulnerable Subpopulations

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1 ABSTRACT 2 The purpose of this timely and significant K01 is to provide the PI (Dr. Bunting) with the training and expertise 3 necessary to become an independent investigator of substance use research, specializing in the substance 4 use, health outcomes, and treatment needs of vulnerable populations with a specific focus on polysubstance 5 use involving opioids. Despite the prevalence of polysubstance use and its association with high-risk outcomes 6 such as overdose, significant gaps in understanding persist partially due to limitations in current screening and 7 assessment tools. In order to provide appropriate risk assessment, an assessment tool capturing the different 8 types of polysubstance use (i.e., simultaneous, concurrent) and motivations for use is needed. The overall goal 9 of the proposal is to develop and validate a novel polysubstance assessment tool in order to inform 10 interventions specific to polysubstance populations. In order to do so, the PI will complete the following training 11 goals: (1) obtain methodological skills specific to instrument development and validation, (2) enhance the PI’s 12 ability to conduct independent research including the recruitment and retention of vulnerable populations and 13 remote study management, and (3) develop focused skills in health services intervention development and 14 implementation specific to vulnerable populations (i.e., persons who use substances, justice-involved). These 15 skills will be developed primarily at the high-impact training environment of the New York University School of 16 Medicine with a collaborative mentoring team of nationally renowned experts. Training will be achieved through 17 a comprehensive plan including formal coursework, workshops, scientific meetings, field experience, and 18 regular meetings and formal evaluation of progress with the mentoring team. This mixed-method study will 19 develop a novel PSU assessment tool (Aim 1) for use in vulnerable populations. Reliability and concurrent 20 validity will be examined in Aim 2. Predictive validity will be examined by adding an independent line of 21 research to the co-mentor’s R01 in Aim 3. Results will inform acceptability of subsequent R01 intervention in 22 Aim 4. By conclusion of this award, the PI will be positioned as a rising leader in polysubstance use research 23 and positioned to excel a career in polysubstance use interventions through future R-mechanism funding 24 opportunities. 25
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/25


  • New York University: $35,325.00


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