Development of a Property Tax Assessment Guidelines for Woodland Owners in Kentucky

  • Stainback, George (PI)
  • Cushing, Tamara (Former PI)

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Woodland owners in Kentucky do not believe that the property tax assessment procedures are appropriate for their properties. The assessment process is based on guidelines produced by the state. For woodland owners, the assessment is not representative of the income-producing potential of the property. This project would produce a series of tables based on soil productivity to serve as a guide for future assessments. As the tables are being produced, a meeting of 10-12 assessors and the project leader will help provide input into the process from the assessor's point of view and make the end result more acceptable to all parties. Training would be provided to the Property Valuation Administrators (PV As) once the guidelines are produced to assist with future assessments and to help insure the guidel ines are used.
Effective start/end date7/1/0812/31/10


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