Development of a Spanish Version of Appropriate Sanitation Methods

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Numerous very small meat processing facilities have experienced difficulties in determining appropriate sanitation methods for use as interventions during processing which are effective, yet affordable, in small scale operations. Operators of very small plants have a desire and an innate need to maintain food safety as much as larger operations. However, the feasibility of conducting many sophisticated sanitation programs is limited due to economies of scale. Therefore other novel sanitation programs need to be evaluated for small plant feasibility. However, a major obstacle has been appropriate information for workers with English as a second language. Therefore, information in a Spanish format would be of great use for small processors in training employees. A Spanish version of the previously produced CD will be developed for use with Latino workers outlining recommended sanitation programs which are economically feasible for small operations. This CD and related written materials will be personally distributed and explained at the same workshops as the English versions. In addition, as follow-up visits are conducted, efforts will be made to determine the effectiveness of the Spanish version as well. At the conclusion of the project, the CD will be released to USDA for appropriate distribution.
Effective start/end date9/25/039/24/04


  • Food Safety and Inspection Service: $13,000.00


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