Development of a Sustained Antiplaque, Antimicrobial Delivery System for KSL Localized in the Oral Cavity

  • Deluca, Patrick (PI)

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The specific aim of this research is to develop and evaluate delivery platforms (chewing gum and an adherent matrix) to deliver an antimicrobial and other active agents to the oral cavity in a sustained manner. The actives include a decapeptide antimicrobial, KSL, an antiadhesive agent, an abrasive agent to disrupt plaque formation and a surfactant to promote the dissolution of plaque. The overall purpose of the delivery system is to reduce plaque on the teeth and microbial accumulation in the oral cavity of the fighting soldiers when normal oral hygiene is not possible. The strategy is to prolong the release of the KSL and the antiadhesive in the gum using the composite hydrogel microsphere technology developed by the principal investigator. This proposal is based on using a gum base, which is commercially available, and into which the actives can be incorporated, preferably by a manufacturer of chewing gums like the Wm. Wrigley Company. The study will be funded by the United States Army Dental Research Detachment (USADRD) and the physical/chemical evaluations (in vitro studies) will be carried out in the laboratories of Dr. Patrick P. DeLuca in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky. The research will be conducted in the following phases:
Effective start/end date9/29/049/30/07


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