Development of Advanced Systems for Preprocessing and Characterizing Coal-Biomass Mixtures as Next-Generation Fuels and Feedstocks

  • Taulbee, Darrell (PI)

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The primary objective of this investigation is to develop optimally engineered systems for manufacturing coal-biomass mixtures in the form of solid briquettes and/or pellets that are ideally suited for efficient transportation, storage and direct co-feeding into industrial gasifiers. To achieve this objective, an in-depth study will be carried out by a diverse multi-disciplinary team consisting of two major energy research centers, two research universities, a commercial technology group, a major coal producer and a large energy supplier. The R&D effort will focus on the preprocessing and conditioning of coal-biomass mixtures containing greater than 10% biomass by weight. Experimental tests will be carried out to characterize the relationship between processing conditions and the nature of the biomass being co-briquetted/pelletized and ultimately, to identify those combinations that provide the most suitable feedstock for co-gasification. Enabling technology for the project includes the application of novel binding additives and, as necessary, an advanced conditioning process for upstream sizing, upgrading and drying. The proposed work will include a broad range of activities including sample collection, pilot- and laboratory-scale equipment setup, statistical parametric testing, standards development, property characterization and sample analyses, and technical and economic engineering evaluations. The successful completion of these work elements is critically needed to ensure that the engineering, economic, and environmental components of the proposed manufactured fuels are fully optimized for co-firing coal-biomass gasification systems.
Effective start/end date10/1/113/31/14


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