Development of Hybrid Nanocrystals for Simultaneously Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic and Bioimaging Agents

  • Li, Tonglei (PI)
  • Jay, Michael (CoI)

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Many promising compounds and approaches have been discovered for eradicating breast cancer and other malignancies. However, significant barriers still exist for delivering bioimaging, chemo- and radiotherapeutic substances. A majority of these substances are poorly water-soluble, considerably limiting their therapeutic efficacy. In addition, many of them are cytotoxic and can cause severe side effects. Despite considerable efforts that have been devoted to enhancing the solubility of these drugs and to developing targeted delivery techniques that spare healthy tissues, there are still many hurdles for delivering anticancer and radioactive agents. To overcome the difficulties facing current targeted delivery approaches, we propose a new concept. We aim to deliver nanosized, solid-based hybrid systems. The novelty lies in the formation of multifunctional hybrid nanocrystals where ligands, radioactive elements and other specific agents are assembled into nanocrystals of a chemotherapeutic drug, such as paclitaxel or camptothecin. In this project, we will conduct both in vitro and in vivo tests to examine targeting and therapeutic effects of the nanocrystals for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/10


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