Development of Strategies to Minimize the Release of Toxic Metals from Coal Waste Impoundments Through Control of Coal Tailings

  • Huggins, Frank (PI)
  • Honaker, Rick (CoI)
  • Huffman, Gerald (CoI)
  • Shah, Naresh (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The funding will be used by the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies - KY (CAST-KY) to develop advanced technologies that can be used to exploit domestic energy resources and help developing countries reduce their C02 emissions. In addition, new gas-gas separations technologies to be developed at CAST will have crosscutting applications for a wide spectrum of the Fossil Energy R&D programs The objective will be met by conducting both fundamental and applid research at the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies (CAST), which is a consortium of five universities. The university members include: University of Kentucky Virginia Tech, West Virginia University, Montana Tech of University of Montana and University of Utah
Effective start/end date10/1/099/30/13


  • Department of Energy


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