Development on Pregnant-Associated Gene Detection of Cloned Hanwoo

  • Ji, Tae (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


1. Research Goals - Identification of gene to prevent the fetal losses during the production of cloned Korean Native Cattle(Hanwoo) - New insight into the molecular mechanism of the reproduction of Korean domestic animals Research Strategies The research described below is pursued by University of Kentucky and NLRI. The details for their implementation is arranged by both concerned authorities, and the research plan(Appendix) is attached. ' NLRI will examine - Production of clone embryos and placenta tissue of receipient Hanwoo - Isolation of RNA and DNA from the cloned embryos and placenta' - Assay of DNA methylation pattern by RLGS(Restriction Landermaker Genomic Scanning) method University of Kentucky will examine - Genechip Assay for the identification of differentially expressed genes at mRNA level - Proteomic analysis on two-dimensional gel of cloned embryos and placentas Using the information gained, both parties will develop and provide new insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of the reproduction of Korean domestic animals.
Effective start/end date6/1/0210/22/09


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