Developmental Evaluation Services for Infants and Toddlers for the Kentucky Early Intervention System (KEIS)

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Evaluation is the use of standardized norm-referenced procedures to determine eligibility for First Steps services (911 KAR 2: 100). It is conducted for the purposes of determining eligibility for the First Steps program and to assist in services planning. Kentucky regulations (911 KAR 2:l20E) provide for two levels of evaluation for determining eligibility for the First Steps program: 1) Primary Level Evaluation (PLE) and 2) Intensive Level Evaluation (ILE). Evaluation is defined in federal regulation as being the procedures used by appropriate qualified personnel to determine a child's initial and continuing eligibility consistent with the federal definition stated in 34 CFR Part 303, Sec. 303.16. Per federal regulation (34 CFR 303, Sec. 322) the evaluation must- 1. Be conducted by personnel trained to utilize appropriate methods and procedures; 2. Be based on informed clinical opinion; and 3. Include the following: . A review of pertinent records related to the child's current health status and medical history. . An evaluation of the child's level of functioning in each of the following areas: 1. Cognitive development. 2. Physical development, including vision and hearing. 3. Communication development. 4. Social or emotional development. 5. Adaptive or emotional development. 4. An assessment of the unique needs of the child in terms of each of the aforementioned developmental areas, including the identification of seIVlces c. appropriate to meet the needs.
Effective start/end date7/1/036/30/04


  • KY Commission for Children with Special Health: $143,582.00


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