Disability & Women's Health

  • Mullis, Lindsey (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The University of Kentucky Human Development Institute’s Health and Wellness Initiative will partner with KWCSP to identify women with disabilities across the state who need cervical and/or breast cancer screenings, identify existing barriers to care, connect them to screening services, and conduct follow up outreach. In order to do this, the Health and Wellness Initiative will develop an accessible assessment tool to identify screening needs within the female disability population and partner with local and state organizations to reach a broad audience of women with disabilities. Targeted organizations include the Division on Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, the Kentucky Congress on Spinal Cord Injury, Centers for Independent Living, housing assistance programs, homeless shelters, and the Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network. Women with disabilities identified through the assessment will be referred to screening services available from KWCSP. Follow-up post referral process will be conducted to ensure proof that cycle of care is completed or identify additional barriers to successful screening access. This outreach will help gather data about disparities in cancer care for women with disabilities, identify potential barriers to obtaining necessary screenings, and assess the impact of geographic location on access to care. Once the data is collected and analyzed, it can then be leveraged to address any identified barriers to screenings for women with disabilities across the state with the continued support of the Health and Wellness Initiative building upon existing partnerships including Markey Cancer Center’s Get Fit Be Smart Don’t Start community outreach program to promote education and awareness of screenings for women with disabilities. Potential next steps include training and education for KWCSP healthcare providers about serving people with disabilities, broadening outreach of mobile screening and education services to reach the areas of the state which experience higher cancer screening disparities, and creation of more accessible cancer education resources and programs for individuals with disabilities.
Effective start/end date2/1/206/30/20


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