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  • Carvalho Chumney, Susan (PI)

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In response to continuing communications with the German Fulbright Commission, the University of Kentucky (UK) submits this proposal to host a 2011 Institute for Students from Germany with Immigrant Backgrounds. The University’s International Center (UKIC) will administer this Institute, which will follow essentially the same pattern as the Institute hosted by UKIC in August/September 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. The University of Kentucky proposes that it will begin the Institute on August 23, 2013 and end on September 21, 2013. The August 23 start date will once again enable the Institute students during the University’s Welcome Weekend and “K Week”, especially geared at new first-year students. We will again have the students sign up for UK FUSION (UK For Unity and Service In Our Neighborhoods) on August 26th, whereby 1000+ students and University administrators will volunteer for a day at one of two dozen local non-profit organizations that need assistance. The rest of the Institute program will be much like the previous years: a morning schedule involving emphasis on communication skills, including instructions in cross-cultural communication, oral presentations, formal writing skills, TOFEL preparation, etc., as well as classes pertaining to their specific disciplines/majors. On two afternoons a week, the Institute will have specialized seminars, in which various University professors and administrators would present and discuss aspects of the United States. These lectures will include topics such as US History, American Literature (including African-American literature), Sociology, US Politics and Government, Education and Media, etc. This year the program will add a focus on entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition to the seminars, the students will be given opportunities to visit with US students. For example, we hope once again to collaborate with our German Studies group to host the Institute students at the annual Fall “Bratfest” held at the on-campus Max Kade House, to get the Institute students more exposure to US students. We also plan this year to have Institute students interact with our increasing Central Kentucky immigrant population (about 10%, primarily Hispanic). Excursions will also be part of the program, to such places as the nearby Old Friends Horse Farm, to a Toyota plant that is a large feature of the Central Kentucky economy, to Louisville to visit the Muhammad Ali Museum that underscores the importance of diversity in the U.S., and to the mountains of Appalachia, a unique sub-culture in American society. Following up on last two year’s successful excursion, the Institute students will once again attend an intercollegiate football game.
Effective start/end date5/1/1011/30/13


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