Disparities in Patterns of Recurrent Stroke in the Elderly (Alzheimer's Disease-Focused Administrative Supplement)

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Under the terms of this consortium agreement, Dr. Larry B. Goldstein will collaborate with the Investigators at the Yale School of Public Health on the Alzheimer’s disease-focused administrative supplement for the Disparities in Patterns of Recurrent Stroke in the Elderly study. He will act as a senior Neurologist to provide expertise and advice for all clinical aspects of the study. He will be an active participant in the development of study hypotheses and interpretation of results, determination of appropriate clinical measures and outcomes, and the development of scientific abstracts and manuscripts. He will provide 0.6 calendar months (5%) of effort for 1 year.
Effective start/end date4/1/183/31/19


  • Yale University: $18,738.00


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