Dissemination of Evidence-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Materials

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The proposed implementation project addresses a critical need and priority identified in Kentucky's comprehensive cancer control implementation plan to increase the awareness, risks, and screening methods of colorectal cancer. The project engages the Kentucky Cancer Consortium at multiple levels in the implementation of activities through a mechanism of state and community intervention grants. The Kentucky Cancer Consortium structure includes a state council and 16 Regional Cancer Partnerships across the state with representation from public and private organizations. The structure is designed to provide a vehicle for carrying out both state and community level strategies to address cancer control implementation strategies and provides a framework for enhancing coordination and targeting the dissemination of funds at the community level. Goal: To promote, increase and optimize the appropriate use of high quality colorectal cancer screening.
Effective start/end date9/30/026/29/06


  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention


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