Distress Evaluation of Gohmann Asphalt and Construction Materials Warranty of Asphalt Pavements, Kentucky Highway Investigative Task No. 65

Grants and Contracts Details


As part of the "Set11ement Agreement" between Gohmann Asphalt and Construction and the States of KentucKy and Indiana, they are to provide a "Materials Warranty for Asphalt Pavements". To facilitate this warranty a condition survey program was to be implemented by the Transportation Cabinet and FHWA. This survey program is to consist of a five person survey team to evaluate the projects based on defined distress thresholds. This survey team is to be made up of two members representing Gohmann. two members representing the State Highway Agency and one member from the FHWA Division Office. The Transportation Center has been requested to participate as a member in the evaluation team and assist the Cabinet in the warranty evaluation of each of the projects listed below. In addition to assisting in the actual visual field survey, the Center will assist in the development of the warranty reports for each project as needed.
Effective start/end date5/1/093/31/12


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $38,000.00


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