Documentation & Analysis of Neighborhoods for Downtown Master Plan

  • Mohney, David (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The University of Kentucky's School of Architecture students will assist the Lexington Downtown Development Authority's consultant team with the conditions assessment of the 925 acres study area. The consultant team shall develop the framework for data collection for each city block. All fieldwork shall be done by students. Information to be collected includes the following: a) Verify the built form, including building footprints, retaining walls, and transportation infrastructure b) Document existing land use c) Document existing property ownership d) Document existing zoning e) Research historic information on existing structures f) Record existing building heights g) Develop off-street parking inventory by block for both surface and structured spaces h) Document on-street parking capacity i) Verify automobile thoroughfares, including street curbs, curb-cuts, loading dock and service entrances, and alleys j) Verify and assess existing streetscape - sidewalks, crosswalks, street trees, street lights, utility location, ramps at crosswalks, curbs, street stripping, and signage k) Review of staff-prepared summary of zoning/code issues in downtown 1) Review of Courthouse Area Design Guidelines/Infill Standards
Effective start/end date4/14/046/30/06


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