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The purpose of these four projects is to utilize the academic public health partnership between the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health, and the Kentucky Department for Public Health to identify opportunities, implement solutions and ultimately increase the efficiency and effectiveness of governmental public health operations in Kentucky. Project 1: Use of ADAPT-ITT model to create a SHA/SHIP building on LHD CHA/CHIPs Scope of Work: - Update the 2015 aggregate report of the use of MAPP as a community-engagement model for completing CHA/CHIP at the local health department level Assess the representation of community partners, gaps in community partner representation at the local level in community health improvement planning - Complete a minimum of two focus groups to discuss barriers and facilitators to the methods used in the past to develop and implement a SHA/SHIP - From focus group feedback produce a draft plan to adapt the MAPP process for SHA/SHIP use - Test, solicit expert feedback on changes and pilot the adapted MAPP process for state use Timeline: November 1 ¡V August 2019 Project 2: Assessment of Legal Requirements Governing Kentucky Public Health Operations & Activities Scope of Work - Research legal requirements governing Kentucky Public Health Operations & Activities - Crosswalk legal requirements with regulations and administrative reference information - Create a draft document which illustrates the source of requirements governing Kentucky Public Health Operations & Activities for us by state and local public health staff to understand the points at which change in the requirements governing public health operations and activities can be made (legislative action, KDPH, local control etc). Timeline: November 1 ¡V May 30, 2019 Project 3: Increasing Kentucky LHD efficiencies by Maximizing Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing - Assess resources available through the Center For Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing and establish contact with the center for technical assistance - Survey Kentucky Local Health Departments to assess the level of cross-jurisdictional sharing currently operational in all type currently recognized by the Center for Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: - As-needed assistance - Service-related arrangements - Shared programs or functions - Regionalization or Consolidation - Provide technical assistance to KDPH to identify opportunities to begin cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangements and/or improve a current arrangement. Technical assistance can include education of LHD directors, staff and board members on the types of cross-jurisdictional sharing available and working closely with financial expertise to identify cost savings of specific arrangements. Timeline: November 1, 2018 ¡V October 31, 2019 Project 4: Kentucky Public Health Collaborative Workforce Development Assessment and Reporting ¡V KDPH, Kentucky LHDs and UKCPH - Work with KDPH Task Force on the Future of Kentucky¡¦s Public Health to review current methods of assessing the educational and developmental needs of Kentucky¡¦s public health workforce employed by state and local health departments (i.e. survey tools, survey distribution ¡V organized launch statewide or per LHD or KDPH schedule) etc. - Adapt and pilot, as necessary, a workforce development tool for state and local health departments - Analyze workforce development needs in aggregate for the state, for KDPH employees and for local health department employees - Provide technical assistance to KDPH for the development/provision of training opportunities to meet a designated need identified by the workforce development tool Timeline: November 1, 2018 ¡V June 30, 2019 Reporting - Produce a first draft of the SHA/SHIP using the adapted MAPP model - Produce draft and final versions of the results obtained through the Legal Requirements Governing Public Health Operations and Activities - Produce a Kentucky Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing document to share results of survey of Kentucky LHDs and the currently operational cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangements. - Produce aggregate and LHD site-specific workforce development reports from the needs assessment results
Effective start/end date2/1/196/30/19


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $28,092.00


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